Liquor in Teen’s Car was bought by her Dad

[Great Falls Tribune – Dear Abby]

April 22, 2017

Liquor in Teen’s Car was bought by her Dad

Dear Abby:  I have a 16 year-old stepdaughter, “Candy.” my wife recently discovered three bottles of liquor in the car Candy drives. When confronted, she told my wife the booze was for an upcoming party. We grounded her.

My wife called her ex-husband to tell him their daughter is grounded and he would have to pick her up on his visitation weekend, as she won’t be driving. He then informed my wife he was the one who bought her the booze! I’m dumbfounded and don’t know how to handle this. Please advise.

— Shocked in Houston

Dear Shocked: Candy is only 16, so she can be forgiven her lapse in judgment. Her father is old enough to know better than to hand over bottles of alcohol to his minor child. In the state of Texas, he has violated the law. The legal age for consumption or possession of alcohol is 21, with few exceptions. If you are smart, you will stay out of it. Your wife and her ex should discuss this and reach an agreement about how this will be handled in the future.

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