Emoji Signs Sends Message to Stop Underage Drinking


SOUTH OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) A tailgating message hopes to stop underage drinking in Weber County. South Ogden Police Chief Darin Parke says, underage drinking can begin as early as 6th grade. Weber County is sending a message to kids to be alcohol free, not through words but through emojis.

Susanna Burt is a mother of 4 and says these emojis on the back of city and county trucks will resonate with teens. "we are combating all these things such as alcohol advertising on billboards and on TV. This is one more way of reminding parents, like myself, to get involved and talk to my kids and to have the city and county support me as a parent makes me feel valued."

You'll be able to see at least 2 dozen newly minted city and county trucks with these messages. The initiative is a private and public partnership with Weber County, Bonneville Communities That Care and Utah's Parents Empowered.

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