Judge denies bail reduction in Yellowowl meth case

[Great Falls Tribune – March 3, 2017 – Montana (pg M2)]

Judge denies bail reduction in Yellowowl meth case 


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A district judge on Thursday denied a request to reduce bail for a man charged with giving a 12-year-old girl methamphetamine.

Bengamin Ray Yellowowl, 25, requested his bail be reduced to $50,000 with a condition of GPS monitoring if he were to bail out. District Judge Thomas McKittrick denied the motion, citing the seriousness of the offense, prior felony convictions and adding his belief that Yellowowl is a flight risk.

At Thursday’s hearing, McKittrick allowed prosecutors to present a photo obtained by the police of Yellowowl injecting a young girl with a syringe.

Yellowowl is charged with felony child endangerment, felony sexual abuse of children and unlawful transactions with children, a misdemeanor. If convicted, he faces a possible 110 years imprisonment.

Yellowowl was arrested in January after a Great Falls police officer pulled Yellowowl’s car over and allegedly found a jittery

12year-old behind the wheel. According to court documents, Yellowowl later told officers he and the victim were dating for about a month and they had been having sex since October.

When police brought the girl to the hospital, she reportedly admitted to using meth and drinking alcohol with Yellowowl earlier that night, charging documents state.

Yellowowl’s bail remains at $200,000.

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